Karma Release Vol 5 – Inner Child Deep Wounds & Ancestral Healing, Karma Release and Contract Removal

Karma Release Vol 5 – Inner Child Deep Wounds & Ancestral Healing, Karma Release and Contract Removal – Semi-private group work.
– Anyone can attend.
Pre-requisite: None (Class 1 level 1 is recommended)
– This semi-group session is recommended for people who have already had 3 – 4 Quantum Energy Block Release private Session as this group session focuses more on diverse ancestral karma release, rather than your own specific spirit and demonic attachment release which needs to be dealt with at an individual level.



This is the Volume 5 and it has 2 main elements to focus on
– 1) the Karma Release, Contract Update & Ancestor’s Healing Semi Private Group Work and
– 2) Your own inner deep emotional and mental wounds and psychology (“Inner Child Deep Healing work”) from your childhood, upbringing and up to now to get them healed.

Psychological and emotional work
Are you aware that sometimes you have a moment to get distressed, shout or cry but cannot control of it? Or do you have a pattern to supress your own feelings and behave like you are ‘fine’ convincing with ‘a logic’, but actually you are unhappy, angry, resentful, worry and anxious’?

For example. there is a guy who was so unsatisfied with his own emotional needs with his partner and he kept supressing them and made an unbearable compromise  to please his partner and to keep a good relationship on a surface, which was falling apart. He was not aware that this pattern was coming from his own childhood experiences and he disassociated with his own deep feelings and needs in order to maintain a ‘high-flying’ life but in an unhappy relationship. Now he is so stuck and does not know what to do. Moving on is scary and there would be too much mess and hustle he has to go through, emotionally and financially.

What would you do?
Would you allow your self to be stuck for years?
Would you do something, make a change and move on?

Would you like to keep building a ‘sand castle’ on the sand, or  build a concrete strong house on a ‘concrete’ base?

Choice is yours.

Nothing new to hear about this kind of story?

If you have a similar situation or feel stuck, it can be changed from the deeper level. If you leave it, you won’t change your life for better.  It will play the same film again and again until you learn, untangle, get healed and move on. We will work on your psychology and emotional patterns together with the energy work as it is more effective and quicker to make a change to move on rather than just sitting and learning a theory.

Ancestral Healing, Karma release and Energy Work
You may wonder why there are many Karma release and ancestral healing workshops with our school, and how it is related to your own emotions like the above. Your emotional and mental patterns are often related to inherited energies, emotions, experiences and thoughts from your parents, caregivers and ancestors. Some of them are not healthy and they are interrupting your progress in this life time as a karmic energy, which needs to be released.

In order to make a change in your life, there are various aspects of yourself you need to work on without any excuses, such as
– Physical  / body aspect
– Emotional aspect
– Mental aspect
– Energetic aspect
– Behaviour / social aspect
– communication aspect.

The above is all interlinked each other and it may not be easy to understand your energy and emotions on your own. Even if you work on the above, sometimes things don’t get changed and you feel trapped and stuck. There are many reasons for this,  case by case, but some reasons can be explained by

– carried over karmic contract and energy
– ancestors’ unfinished business, curse, spells inherited down to off springs
– inherited family patterns such as in communication style, attachment style, reaction style, defence system.
– certain emotions and thought patterns were inherited as a karmic energy from your ancestors.

These invisible energies and karma are
– blended in your family relationships and implanted within you,
– influences how you rapported or un-rapported with your parents/caregivers / siblings while you are brought up and experience many different relationships and friendships.

Negative karma and energetic inheritance can trap you and not enable you to move on and they can cause deep wounds in your heart and mind consciously and unconsciously.

At Our Small Group session
At this group session, you will learn more about your psychology, defence system, your own communication and behaviour patterns, heal them and transform you, hand in hand with ancestral healing and karma release.

Usually, 4-5 ancestral healing 80 min sessions as a private session is about  900 pounds value, whilst this workshop offers the same value or more  in one day at much more reasonable fee in a group setting.

Even if you received spirit attachment release hypnosis and Quantum Block release sessions, this group work is highly recommended as this is another level of block release, mainly focusing on removing karma and negative inheritance from your ancestors, together healing your deep wounds.

Since the seat is limited, each participant receives good attention as a semi-group work and experiences lots of transformational energetic work, rather than learning lots of boring theories. This is very much a hands-on group work to make a change.

Please note since we will be dealing with vulnerable emotions and thoughts, please be gentle to you and other participants, and keep all as confidential among the participants whatever you share and hear. No blaming and criticism to other participants will be allowed, and you will be in a space held with compassion and understanding.

Before ending, we will have time to close the wounds and integrate the energy to settle and balance yourself.

For more information and booking, please see below.

For Your Information – Kei’s own story
I have received loads of energetic sessions on me in the past 12 years on all the mind body spirit level including psychology to make a change. I have also received two major ancestral healing works as well and am still receiving a regular ancestral karmic release and healing session as a continuous maintenance session.

Since I am a psychic hynotherapist as well, I do my own past life regression and release any unwanted karmic connections and energies to move on. I finished one of my mate contracts years ago, got healed and moved on by releasing and healing karmic energies a lot at one point, going back to the primitive antient time. I thought it settled all and made sure my karmic mate connection was completely finished as I didn’t want it anymore. Couple of years later, small thing happened which bothered me. When I checked the karmic connection again, there was another residue left still back in 10000 years ago with a bit of complication. I would not leave it, so released it right after I found it, and it is gone finally.

Like this, karmic residue and carried over energy would not be able to go by one session as it has some layers and you need to uncover them and release them sometimes. Some stuff will go quick but others don’t, it all depends.

People sometimes ask a guarantee, but there is no guarantee for anything. One thing I can tell you that if you work on yourself more, release and get healed, your actual life gets better in many aspects. Less trouble, more abundance and happiness. It depends on how energy is tangled and complicated. Sometimes, straight immediate effects, some other time, it looks like it is taking time.

What you will experience at our group session is nothing you have learned at regular conventional school as it is an energy work.

This karmic group session is that gateway for you to receive support and move on.

Come along, join us and change your life.


Things to bring
– please bring a pen, colour pens and a notebook.

Part  1 – about 1h
– If you attended the Vol 1-4 of the Karma Release and Ancestral Healing in the past, you can skip this part 1 of the Day 1.  If not, please attend from the part 1. 
– 5 aspects of how to construct your life for better and its essential key.
–  Esoteric Theory – How we become humans.
–  Raise your vibrations – If your energetic vibration, mental and emotional patterns stay the same, it would be difficult to release karma and update your energetic contracts, therefore, you will have healing and block release work to raise your vibration.

Part 2
– Importance of the emotional connection with yourself
– Learning briefly about the psychological and emotional security, attachment system which is essential for everyone to repair and build a healthy relationship, and find out your own system. 
–  Learning about 10 common psychological defence system, and find out your own patterns.
–  Learning about your own reactions, potential blockages and issues for deeper insights. Uncovering time, brief psychic consultation time.
–  Light stretch time
– Guided Clearing Meditation
– Guided Meditation to heighten your consciousness.
– Guided emotional NLP work to find your own deeper wounds, your unsatisfied emotional needs.
– about 5 Key emotional and mental deep wounds healing work – Crystal healing & EMDR are included to release energetic blocks and karma coming from your ancestors.  
Energetic release, programming, negative energy and energetic contract release from a cellular level.
- A) Release  from family lineage and ancestors.
- B) Release painful emotions, traumas, memories, old energetic blocks from your chakras and auras.
– Group hypnosis to update your information and energetic contract written on your subconscious mind.
– Energetic contract and information update on your DNA strands.
– Energetic integration and balancing time.
– Closing

* Contents may be modified depends on the participant’s energy.

Time and Date
– Part 1 
Fri July 6th, 2018,  9:00-10:00
– Part 2 
Fri July 6th, 2018,  10:05-18:00 (lunch time is usually about 45 min.)

Venue: Liverpool st  London

Booking and payment deadline: July 4th, 20:00. After this, by cash only if a seat is available at full value. 

Fee: Early bird offer (fee will go up).
– If you and your friend attend together, each of you will receive 20 pounds off.

Part 1 & 2 (Full Value£700)⇒ £385
Part        2 (Full Value£680)⇒ £360

  • It is a semi-group workshop so first come, first served
  • It is only up to 4 people maximum.
  • Recommended to receive 26 DNA Activation and Class 1 level 1, in prior, especially class 1 level 1.

Terms and Conditions
- Workshop will be conducted from 2 persons’ attendance.
– Please make a payment by bank transfer. If by Paypal, Paypal charge about +5% will be added.

Cancelation Policy.
– Within 7 days, 100 pounds, within 4 days, 200 pounds, and within 48 hours, 320 pounds will be charged. Please notify by email if you need to cancel.
– Since it is a powerful work, you may have 7-20 days of post healing effects and re-processing.
– – Please drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol as much as possible minimum 5 days after the group work. Meditation and exercise are helpful.
– Since we are not GP and doctors, please continue to consult your GP if you have any physical and mental  symptoms.

Client feedback as a reference.

(Karma release Vol 1 effect after Dec. 2017)
”The Karma release has been very progressive for me. It was one of the most clearing and deep workshops I had ever attended. Felt like so many layers got realised and reprogrammed. Since then my fear, blocks and even actual physical issues cleared. It to me felt like a very intense day as if we had done a lifetimes worth of work in a day. ”
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant,  London,  April 2018)

”(Vol.1)I really thank you as I could spend such a wonderful time like the God sent me a present. Kei has cleared all the tangled strings in my life, my life experiences and my history very delicately and thoroughly, and I could move forward my shining-up inner self journey one by one. On the following day, I felt the total shift and freshness, which made me wondered what I was doing in the past. I feel so excited about my future. Thank you.”
(Japanese female, artist, 40s, Nov 2017) 

”(Love and Partnership version) I have a good news to share with you! After I attended the workshop, I intended to find a boy friend within 3 months, and I actually did! Thank you so much!”
(Japanese female, 30s, students, Oct 2017)

– “My ancestral family line dates back to a long time    ago and I felt something was released and feel much lighter.”(British female)

– “I feel much more positive and lighter”. (Asian female)

– “I wondered why I kept making the same mistakes and now I know it was    coming from my ancestors’ karma. (Asian female)

– “I feel much more positive and lighter”. (Asian female)

– “I wondered why I kept making the same mistakes and now I know it was    coming from my ancestors’ karma. (Asian female)